P: 970-306-5650

 Growing up with the golden age of animation and theatrical voices, Kevin Banker has always been fascinated with the voice acting profession. As a kid he would mimic characters such as Donald Duck, Marvin the Martian, and Shaggy,  just to name a few. While is college at Savannah College of Art and Design, Kevin received a degree in Sound Design, which has allowed him fine tune his ear and voice for production.

 Though relatively new to the professional voice over industry, his talents have already been turning ears across the board.

 As a character voice artist he is wonderful at providing great range in both intensity and tone. Often finding himself acting while playing a character to provide even more authenticity to the performance. 

 As a commercial artist, his voice lends a youthful and slightly raspy sound that flows well with variety of material. 

 Another thing that sets him apart is his ability to sound like other existing, and sometimes too expensive voice over artists. Which lends his skills perfect for cartoons and video games based on big budget films. 

 With a wide range and endless amount of energy, knowledge of sound design, and an easy going attitude, he could be just the artist you are looking for to bring new life to your production.


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